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We now have mushroom chocolate bars! Come see what all the hype is about!

A Unique Vibe

We strive to make your visit to Hokus Pokus an experience to remember. It's more than the personalized customer service that we offer, it's a visual treat that will certainly be a topic of conversation! Come see for yourself what makes us stand out from all the rest!


We carry all premium e-liquids that have been tested by our staff to insure the best quality for our customers. Whether you favor high VG, salt or no nicotine, you have options with us. If you want to make Hokus Pokus Vapor your one-stop shop and we don't carry your preferred brand or flavor, speak with our staff about bringing it in for you.

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Salt Nicotine and High VG Available

Yes, We Have Disposables!


Everything You Need

Choosing the right vape store can be frustrating, especially if your equipment is a little older. Hokus Pokus offers the newest cutting-edge e-liquids and devices as well as a healthy stock of older coils and pods for those who are happy with what they've been using and don't wish to change. You can expect to see SMOK TFV18 coils as well as BVC and Kanger Tech, that have been a staple of vape fans for years.

We offer more than just vaping supplies. We have a broad selection of hemp, kratom and pet products as well. Our knowledgeable staff can lead you in the right direction for dealing with pain, anxiety, addiction, sleeplessness and more. Your needs can be met with discreet attention without any judgement.


What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tree that grows in Indonesia and is related to coffee. The leaves are picked and ground down into a power that can be taken as is, made into a tea, an extract, or placed into capsules. When the leaf is picked determines it's affect when taken. There are three main "veins" of kratom. White kratom is the very young leaves. They have a stimulating sensation and can produce energy and alertness in the consumer. Green kratom is the middle aged leaves and are known to give the most euphoric sensations. Red kratom leaves are the oldest, promote relaxation and are geared to relieve pain, although all the veins have analgesic properties. We provide many ways to experience kratom. Ask our staff about what options might be best for you.



Hemp and cannabis is a growing market and with good reason! It soothes and comforts mental and physical ailments of all sorts. Some people prefer to vape CBD or legal THC, while others prefer smoke, tinctures or edibles. We offer our community all three options, so you're free to experiment. Delta-8, Delta-9, HHC, THC-P and THC-O provides a more relaxing effect, while Delta-10, Delta-11, THC-JD and THC-V can be more uplifting. For those seeking wellness without intoxicating effects, we offer CBD with and without trace amounts of THC.

All of our legal THC, kratom, CBD and e-liquids are tested by our own staff for quality and have safe and trusted labs, so we can bring you best products offered on today's market.

*All hemp flower, including CBD hemp, contains THC and will result in a failed drug test.*


Why do deltas have numbers? Think of each link in a bracelet as a possible position a charm could be placed, and assign them a number, around the bracelet, starting at the clasp. So if there are 6 links, or places to hook charms, you could easily tell someone else how to reproduce the bracelet’s charm layout by saying which charm goes on which number link around the bracelet.

The number used in the names of each different THC molecule is essentially the number of the link where the charm is located on the bracelet. Each carbon atom in the THC molecule is assigned a number, which explains to chemists where the functional groups (charms) are located along the carbon backbone (links). The difference in number between each version of THC is actually the position of a double bond. Double bonds are two pairs of electrons shared between two carbon atoms, and for THC, it is equivalent to the charm.

This double bond can be formed in different positions around the THC molecule, much like you could move a charm around the bracelet. If the double bond is between carbon 8 and 9, it is called delta-8 THC. When the double bond is between carbons 9 and 10, the molecule is delta-9 THC. And you may have guessed that delta-10 THC will be between carbons 10 and 11, however due to the way the carbons are numbered, delta-10 actually has a double bond between carbon 10 and carbon 10a.

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There is no judgement at Hokus Pokus Vapor. All races, genders, and any vaccination status is welcome here.

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