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Hot Ayurvedic Tea

This winter season we are providing fresh teas served hot to warm your chilled bones. Our ayurvedic teas come in a variety of flavors and may help combat issues such as fatigue, sleeplessness and more. All teas can be purchased by the cup or you can take home the whole bag! 


Cold Delta-8 and HHC Drinks

Our hemp based Delta-8 and HHC cold drinks are sure to hit the spot with a generous 100 milligrams in each bottle. Not sure which flavor to try? Get one of each and store them in your fridge at home!

Delta-8 Lemonade and Tea
Delta-8 Mango Lemonade
Delta-8 Pink Lemonade
HHC Mango Lemonade
HHC Pink Lemonade

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Cold or Hot Kratom Drinks

Kratom 16oz drinks are sold chilled and come in the standard 3 veins: white- for energy, green- for euphoria, and red- for pain and relaxation. We offer a Mitragynine powder Pink Lemonade that can be added to a cup of hot or cold beverage of your choice.

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