About Hokus Pokus Vapor

In the fall of 2013, two friends decided to try Vaping. Both of us were smokers for 25 years+.  It was an instant replacement for our traditional cigarette.

 We tried to quit numerous times- patches, pills with not much success.  and we wanted to feel better.…..the old saying “much too young for feeling this damn old”.


Fast forward to 2016 and Hokus Pokus continues to evolve into the premier Vape Shop in Nashville.    Wade has taken over ownership of the store and is committed to bringing the highest quality products into the shop.   Our passion is  to create and offer the highest, purest quality American made e-juice available. With many flavor options and the ability to customize your vaping needs. 



Frequently Asked Questions  


 what is vaping?

Vaping utilizes a Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin based liquid, mixed with small amounts of nicotine and food grade flavoring that then get vaporized in a small battery powered atomizer, Simulating the experience of smoking.


What are the Health Problems associated with vaping?


First, there are no known health problems from vaping, although it is a relatively new form of nicotine delivery. On the contrary smoking a cigarette has many known health hazards such as cancer, COPD and is dangerous to others. Nicotine however, according to some research, is no worse that caffeine. It’s an additive and can be addictive. As with most things, it’s all in moderation…….too much of anything can be bad for you.


Im concerned about the cigarette smell.

That “smell” you have from traditional cigarettes,  isn't there with vaping. The smell released from the e-juice upon vaporizing is usually quite pleasing.   Our patrons comment how nice our shop smells when they come in. Once you’ve quit cigarettes , your “smell” sense starts to revert back to before smoking and you might find it hard to be around cigarette smoke ever again.



How do I get started- Im not sure what flavors I like?

We offer the basic electronic devices to get you introduced to the vaping world, and are adding new inventory and upgraded devices regularly. We’ve found that once you start, it easily becomes enjoyable and most vapers have no desire to quit.


Come in, have a “vape” and taste the product that we’ve become passionate about providing.



Feel free to call us or contact us with any questions or concerns   615-454-5489  


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